Frequently Asked Questions

This is our online help section. Typically, if you have a question you can find the answer here. If your question is not answered then please contact us.

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Delivery & Shipping FAQs

How long before I can expect to receive my order(s)?

For large stock orders: 8-12 weeks.
For smaller urgent orders: 3-5 days (depends on the order) – at an extra charge.

How can I arrange my forwarder to collect from you?

When the goods are ready we can send you a packing list. Please let your freight forwarder know how many pallets are ready to collect. You and/or your freight forwarder needs to inform us when the goods will be collected and by which company.

Can I arrange a collection myself?

Yes, you can personally collect the goods; just let us know when you will be collecting.

The warehouse is open from 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri. We will inform you when the goods are ready to collect.

How much is the delivery charge?

The standard charge is £17.50 or €27 per carton, if the goods are less than £/€500. If the goods are more than £/€500, then the charge is £/€ 3.50 per carton.

For special delivery, such as next day/Saturday delivery/ international delivery: the charge will vary.

Please contact to confirm.

Can you do next day delivery or Saturday delivery?

Yes, if the goods are ready to dispatch, we can arrange next day delivery or Saturday delivery up till 12pm. This service is only available for UK customers.

Please agree to the price before midday, so we have plenty of time to make the booking.

I am an international customer; will you have problem shipping to my country?

We can arrange shipment for any country. Before we dispatch the product we will confirm with you how you want the product to be send. The delivery charge and paper work will be finalised in that state.

How can I track my order after it has been dispatched?

Delivery note is sent by email, the day after the goods has been dispatched. Some delivery notes have tracking number written on them.

If you are unable to find the tracking number, please email sales@ntcducting.com and state us the delivery note number and dispatch date. We can provide you with the tracking information.

How long does it take to receive my order after dispatch?

With in UK, next working day.
With in EU, 3 to 5 working days.
Outside of EU, varies.

Can I do partial shipment?

If the order is too big we normally do partial shipment unless otherwise stated. It will be best if you let us know which item is urgent, so we can make them first.

Can you send all items from the same order, together?

Please let us know this information on the purchase order or by email before the goods are dispatched.
When informed we can hold the goods till the whole order is finished and send together.

Who do I need to contact for custom work?

Please contact anna@ntcducting.com. Please send any paper that needs to be filled out.

A special paper needs to be filled out for each shipment, who should I send it to?

Please send it to anna@ntcducting.com. It will be beneficial if you can explain the paper work to help aid the staff.

There is a special delivery requirement in our site; you will need to book an appointment before making a delivery

This needs to be informed before or in the purchase order. Please send us the booking form, which clearly states who to email the form to.

Only some of the items have been shipped, when will the rest of the order be ready?

Please email us your order number to sales@ntcducting.com, and we will let you know when the rest of the order will be shipped.

Can you send the invoice and packing list inside one of the boxes?

Yes, just let us know before hand or mention clearly in the purchase order.

I am only buying a small item, do I still need to pay delivery charge?

If the item is collected, you will only need to pay the packing surcharge, which is £/€3.50 per carton.
If it is delivered the price remains the same for £17.50 or €27 per carton

It has gone over the dispatch date given in the order confirmation, when will the order be dispatched?

Apologises, if we have been unable to keep to our delivery date.
Please contact anna@ntcducting.com who will advise the situation of the order.

Ordering FAQs

Where do I place a new order?

Send new orders to sales@ntcducting.com and anna@ntcducting.com

Where can I get a quote and lead time for an order I want to place?

For UNI: email sales@ntcducting.com.
For SPI and Rad: anna@ntcducting.com

What is your standard length?

For UNI: 4m
For others: varies

What is the maximum and minimum diameter you can do?

For UNI: minimum is 8mm and maximum is 305mm diameter

Are there any extra charges if I need a longer or shorter length hose?

10% will be added to the cost if the hose is cut into smaller pieces or 15% if the hoses are joined together to make longer hose.

I need to amend or cancel my order, how can I do this?

If you will like to amend or cancel an order, we will advise you to call us straight way. We will have to check with the production department first. If the product is in process then the order cannot be amended/cancelled. If the production department has not started making the order then it is possible to amend/cancel.

I am a new customer and am ordering for the first time, what paper work will I need to fill out?

Please email anna@ntcducting.com. We will send you some paper work to fill and require 2 reference’s contact details.

When should I expect an order confirmation by?

An order confirmation should be send within 4 to 5 working days. If you have not received it, best to contact us so we can send it to you specifically.

I got a quote and lead-time for my order; do I need to attach that to the original purchase order?

Yes, it is best to attach quote and lead-time given by our staff in the order placed. This will allows us to process the order with correct information, as not the same individual will be processing your order.

I want to check if my order is on schedule.

Call us or email sales@ntcducting.com, and quote your order number or our order confirmation number.

Who should I contact for technical questions?

Please contact anna@ntcducting.com for all technical questions.

Account, Payment & Invoice FAQs

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept BACS or cheque payment.

The bank details can be found in the invoice/pro-forma that is emailed; bottom right corner.
Please make the cheque address to NTCDUCTING.COM

When does the invoice need to be paid by?

As agreed in the terms of payment.

How does a pro-forma invoice work?

A pro-forma invoice needs to be paid before the product is put into production. The pro-forma needs to be paid so that it can be put into product.

How can I get my current statement?

Please email accounts@ntcducting.com if you require your current statement

There is a mistake in the invoice, how can it be fixed?

Please email accounts@ntcducting.com and explain what the mistake is.
It would be best if you can also send any evidence that can help support your reasoning.

I have not received my invoice yet, why is that?

Some times it takes a little time for the invoice to be send out after the goods have been delivered.
Please let us know your order number or our delivery note number by email or phone and an invoice will be send to you.

Will I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, a VAT invoice will be sent out after the delivery has been done.

I need to make an enquiry about a sales invoice.

Please email accounts@ntcducting.com and state your enquiry.

I need your bank details

Our bank details are clearly stated in the bottom right of the invoice that was emailed/post to you.
Bank details will be send on request. Please email accounts@ntcducting.com.

I have been a long time customer, how can I come off being a pro-forma.

If you would like to come off pro-forma, please send email accounts@ntcducting.com and explain why you think you should be off pro-forma.

We will check the history of our relationship and will let you know our decision.

Our invoices need to have additional information (such as weight, country of origin, or tariff number), will it be possible to add this to the invoice?

Please send an email to both sales@ntcducting.com and account@ntcducting.com and let us know what additional information needs to be added.

It will be better if you can inform us before hand or on the purchase order itself.

The currency in the invoice is wrong.

Please send an email to accounts@ntcducting.com and let us know the right currency.

How to request a credit note?

Please email accounts@ntcducting.com. You will be required to state the invoice number you want a credit note for and give reasonable evidence to support your claim. This will be reviewed and an answer will be send back to you.

Products FAQs

Where can I find general prices for the product you sell?

To get a quote, email sales@ntcducting.com or anna@ntcducting.com

What is the shelf-life of these products?

If put in the right condition, inside a sealed box, 3 years.

How should I maintain the ducts so they last longer?

Keep them in a dry and clean condition

Who does the testing for the products?

The tests have been conducted by our certified employee. The materials we use have been inspected thoroughly by an independent company.

Returns & Rework FAQs

How can I arrange a return?

Firstly, we are sorry to learn that you will like to return the item.

Please contact us either by phone or email anna@ntcducting.com. Please give us a valid reason. Thanks.

When will my returned item be reworked and redelivered?

After we have received the item for rework, depending on how much needs to be reworked, we will try to send it back as soon as possible. In average it takes about a week time.

Who will be paying for the returns?

The return fee needs to be agreed by either our customer care team before the goods are returned.
If the reason for returning the goods is our fault, we will pay for the return.

Do I need to confirm with NTC before returning the item?

Yes, the returns will not be accepted or reworked if not confirmed with Anna first.

General FAQs

Do you keep stock orders or only order placed by customer?

We make our products on order. Please contact us to see if we have any on stock, sometimes we might have them.

I am missing some items or wrong items were sent. What do I do?

Please email anna@ntcducting.com. It is advised to send photos of the wrong or damaged goods attached to the email. We will review your email and reply back to you.

If you are missing item, let us know what you are missing so we can check with our dispatches.

Customised Products FAQs

There is a product I need which is not in your brochure, but is very similar. Will you be able to make these?

If you can email us details about what the hose is going to be used for, in what conditions and give us as much details as possible.
We can look into it and discuss further.

You do not do the diameter I require, can you see if you can do these diameter?

The diameters we do are clearly listed in the product description. If you are unable to find the one you require in the list, unfortunately we do not do those diameters.