Exhaust Gas Extraction

Extraction Applications with at least 25% Ambient Air Induction

All Temperature Ratings only for Extraction Applications with at least 25% Ambient Air Induction. Wide ranges of low and high temperature exhaust system ducts.

Temperature from 150 °C to +800 °C


  • car gas exhaust systems incl. overhead-reels
  • bus and truck exhaust gas extraction
  • tank and airplane exhaust gas extraction

All SL and TR hoses can be specially adapted to suit your needs for example:
SL 400 with 1m TR 600 seamlessly joint onto hose. Special suspension tabs can be fitted or customer’s fittings can be sewn onto the cuffs for easy mounting.

NTC Ducting, a trusted supplier, we have traded with NTC Ducting for over twenty years. All goods are of high quality and they do the job.
– Lee from Germany

Example of Usage

Example Of Usage

Garage Exhaust

TR500 likes high temperature at high vacuum

Spiraflex TR1000 Applications to extract hot fumes from auxilary power turbines. The duct is a flexible compensatory to join from plane to rigid extraction systems.


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