Military Hoses & Ducting

Quality & Endurance By Design

Military hoses and ducting are specially designed and manufactured to the needs of our military specific customers.

We produce MILITARY hoses that are excellent for applications such as high temperature, suction and coolant for good air circulation. We can tailor your required hoses using our flexible production techniques and get the product that best suits your needs.

Key Features:

  • Portable heating and cooling units
  • Overhead ducting, ceilings mounted to distribute air
  • Conduction of hot air
  • Intercooler for engines
  • Long-term thermal stability
  • Our products go through endurance tests under pressure, vacuum, and temperature to make sure they are fit for the job
  • The tools made for the hoses are made by our trusted manufacture who we have successfully worked with for a long time

Military applications:

  • Temporary Air Conditioning and heating for events
  • Heating, cooling & Ventilation
  • Vehicle Exhaust Fumes
  • High Temperature hoses
  • General Exhaust extractions
  • Insulation covers
  • Tank, vehicle, generators, engine exhaust extraction

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