Heating & Ventilation Ducting

Essential HVAC, Varieties for All Needs

We are manufacturing specialists in dust extraction, heating, air conditioning and ventilation ducting.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of ventilation ducting either economical PVC versions or Silicone impregnated Glass fabrics for high performance non toxic and fully fire-retardant requirements. All versions are also available with Foam or Glass wool insulation.

All duct versions can be seamlessly joined onto one hose version that suits your specific needs. Special suspension tabs can be fitted or customer’s fittings can be sewn onto the cuffs.


  • wide pitch 150-250mm gives light weight, and compressibility
  • close pitch 35-60mm gives strong duct with good vacuum and good crush resistant properties


  • portable heating and air-condition units
  • over head ducting ceiling mounted to distribute air
  • conduction of hot air
  • solvent fume extraction
  • permanent antistatic version for explosive fume extraction

Hoses from NTC Ducting appear much stronger outer than the usual expanding hose that I’ve tried before. Fantastic!
-ZhiYang Wan from China

Example of Usage

Example Of Usage

Insulated Ducting

photo shows: mobile air condition insulated ducting for military application.


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