High Temperature Airflex

Adapted to Suit Your Needs

A wide range of Neoprene and Silicone ducting for standard or highly specific applications such as:

  • Automotive applications for hot air intake
  • Heavy duty versions for vehicle-intercooler and turbo applications
  • General machine building
  • Granulate drying

This group of hoses and ducting are easily adaptable due to our flexible production techniques. Most of these hoses can be specially adapted to make your applications more efficient. Please allow us to combine your ideas with our long standing production ability.

Temperature: -85°C to +310°C
(Special versions up to +600°C)

Hoses from NTC Ducting appear much stronger outer than the usual expanding hose that I’ve tried before. Fantastic!
-ZhiYang Wan from China

Example Of Usage

Granulate Drying Application

Temperature +150°C to 310°C Uni V2 (Neoprene coated glass fabric duct for hot air up to 150°C) and Uni V9 (silicone coated glass hot air ducting up to 310°C) in a plastic dehumidifier

Photo shows:
Air supply cupboard, NTC silicone last minimum 01 years in the application.


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