Teflon & Other Ranges

Our hoses and ducting are designed and manufactured for CHEMICAL specific industries (pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and many other basic chemical). We make a wide range of hoses for high and low temperature and pressure applications, suction and delivery applications. All our chemical hoses are made in compliance with FDA standards. We have an experienced and dedicated team to adapt all your ideas in order to produce suitable hose for the job.

Key features:

  • These hoses have EPDM or FEP rubber liner with fabric reinforcements and stainless steel wire
  • Very flexible, have chemical and crush resistant properties
  • Excellent ageing properties
  • Wide temperature range
  • Thermal stability over years
  • Used for different types of chemicals (basic and consumer chemicals)


  • FDA Food, Grain, Feed and Beverages
  • Consumer Chemicals (paper, printing, paint, etc)
  • Plastic and granules
  • Tank extraction and Weld fumes
  • Extraction and transport of chemical fumes (toxic and Non-toxic)
  • High temperature hoses
  • Steam and water hoses
  • Fuel and oil hoses
  • Material handling hoses



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