Gripflex Hytef

Gripflex Range

-40°C to +175°C, intermittant up to 190°C

Materials: Teflon®-film inner ply, Hypalon® coated Polyester fabric outer ply, external galv. steel helix

Properties: very good restance against chemicals, weather, UV, ozone, vebration Teflon® is harmless for health and non stick surface, very flexible and compressible up to 1 : 6

Applications: suction and blower hose for solvents, chemical fumes and aggressive media in paint, wood, pharmaceutical and paper industry

Delivery Forms: Ø 2 ” up to 36 “, colour – black/grey or green/grey and white inner ply, length – 2 m up to 15 m

On Request:

other helix qualities and custom made in construction

  • Gripflex Hytef el – electric conductive – Roe ≤ 106 Ω – black inner ply

Hypalon and Teflon are registered

trade mark of DuPont Elastomeres


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