We manufacture ventilation ducting for football and sport events arenas.

Due to all year round customer demands we are looking to expand our team of sewing machinists (overlocker and lock stitch machines).

  • About the company

NTCDUCTING.COM is a UK based manufacturer/supplier of flexible ducting, industrial ducting, military ducting, sewn ducting, high temperature ducting and silicone hoses.

Our flexible ducting can be used in a wide range of industry applications, including Heating and Air-Conditioning, Food, Pharmaceutical and Exhaust Gas Applications. We also provide clamps and end fittings for our flexible ducting solutions.


We sew ducting out of materials such as PVC, Kevlar and Plastic. The candidate would be involved in industrial sewing of ventilation ducting.

The candidate must have background in professional sewing. Be able to work on sewing machines such as overlocker, one and two needle machines.


  • Previous experience in sewing
  • Technically minded
  • Punctual and good time management
  • Reliable and dependent
  • Flexible
  • Quick learner

Working hours: 50-61 hours per week (Monday to Saturday)

Monday to Friday: 7am-6: 20pm

Saturday: 6am to 12pm

Type: Full time and part time considered

Salary: £7.20 per hour.

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